Wildlife Solutions

A message from Wildlife Solutions Founder and Chairman Erik Groenendijk:

We invite you to join us in protecting wildlife and the people facing coexistence challenges. For many years now since I finished my military services and joined our company Cargo Screeners which specializes in using detection dogs to locate contraband, I have become increasingly involved in combatting wildlife crime utilizing the skills myself and my team have built up. Wildlife Solutions is the result of this experience as we seek to improve operations and continue to build capacity. I am dedicated to combatting wildlife crime which is one of the most serious environmental threats to the planet. Find out more HERE how to contact me directly, where we work and who is involved. Below is an image from early 2022 from a field visit to western Nepal as we prepare for an important operation, part of our expansion from Africa to Asia. The Wildlife Solutions team look forward to having you stand beside us.

Thanks and best wishes,