The Proven Success of Detection Dogs

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and have become vital to combat wildlife crime.  Below are some of the key reasons for this and the proven successes of dogs as trained and deployed by Wildlife Solutions:

  • Skilled sniffer dogs are able to detect a wide range of wildlife contraband, including ivory, rhino horn and the body parts of big cats.
  • This is a crucial step in identifying wildlife crimes and linking evidence back to poachers.
  • Wildlife Solutions are experts in training dogs to learn skills in how to detect wildlife crime situations, including how to identify illicit products and apprehend poachers in the act. Wildlife Solutions also undergoes full training of handlers with refresher courses for both dogs and handlers part of the ongoing procedure.
  • Wildlife Solutions have successfully trained and deployed detection dogs to combat wildlife crime in Mali, Kenya, Central African Republic (CAR), and Ivory Coast.  We are expanding training and deployment with partners in Asia beginning in late 2022.